No wardrobe is complete without a range of tops, blouses and shirts that blend perfectly with pants, skirts, jackets and even dresses! We’re all far too familiar with the notion of having enough clothes but not having enough outfits, right? So, it’s about time we took a step back and considered the essential building blocks of a well thought out closet. What makes a versatile, actually useful when you’re in a massive morning rush and you have a meeting, kind of wardrobe? A few essential, fashion-forward tops are your answer. It might sound crazy, but just by adding a couple of the below styles into your daily outfit rotation, the way you dress is going to totally transform. The women’s tops you need to get your hands on ASAP include…

Crew Neck Tee

A crew neck tee shirt in black, white and grey is just a complete must-have. Look for a slightly oversized style with looser sleeves for a chic cool-girl look. Layer your tees underneath suits or slip dresses for a formal look or throw on with jeans, shorts and flirty mini skirts for stylish yet casual weekend outfits.

Silk Cami

A silk cami adds a touch of laid-back glamour to every pair of pants, every skirt style and any shorts. Choose a simple cami in a refined neutral such as cream, champagne or oyster for ultimate luxe femininity. This is fabulous for when you want to look put together and alluring during the summer months.

Boho Blouse

A flowing, embroidered bohemian style blouse is perfect for days when you want a fuss-free yet still fashionable outfit. Throw on with your favourite pair of denim shorts and some woven sandals for the perfect casual look or match with leather pants and heels for an awesome evening vibe. Anything that’s loose, embellished and decorative will do perfectly.

Linen Shirt

A button-up linen shirt will be your go-to for workwear, easy outfits and even for just chucking on over your swimmers for a day at the beach. Look for high-quality linen in a clean white to combine with chinos, denim, floral skirts and dress pants. Long sleeve is your best option here as you can always roll up the sleeves in warmer weather.

Bodice Top

A bodice top is ideal when you want to feel a little dressier for an evening out on the town or date night. This style fits close to your body and flaunts your curves, and you can find bodice tops in so many awesome designs. Choose yours in a jacquard material for an eye-catching look or opt for a muted neutral for a subtler statement.

Silk Button Up

Another absolute must-have!  Silk button-ups always look fabulously elegant and grown-up, even when you’re wearing yours with your scruffiest jeans. Once you get one of these guys, you’re going to want one in every colour. Start your collection with white silk, it’ll be one of the most versatile pieces in your wardrobe.

Cap Sleeve Blouse

Cap sleeves blouses are beautifully feminine and graceful. Find yourself a cap sleeve top in delicate lace and cotton, a high neck will add to the fashion-forward tone of the piece. Pair with denim and leather to soften your vibe.

Denim Shirt

A denim shirt is a staple for casual days when you want to look fashionable but feel comfortable. Experiment with double denim or pair with linen for a stylish approach to weekend wear.

Each of these staples is something you’re going to be reaching for again and again, so invest in women’s designer tops to ensure that your pieces will last you for many stylish years to come.


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