Natural stones or gemstones are used in jewelry making since ancient times. Besides their natural beauty, we wear natural stones as they are recommended by astrologers. They are the  stones that hold special healing powers.

When it comes to 100% authentic gemstones, the famous Club Equilibrium jewelry company from Chicago ( is always on the top. The brand deals inhandcrafted stone bead bracelets and jewelry for men and women that are designed with original natural stones of high quality.

Club Equilibrium jewelry is created by expert designers who also possess deep knowledge of astrology and gemmology.

The Symbol of Trident

Just like any other brand, Club Equilibrium has its well-known mark of identification. They place a unique symbol of a trident on all their products. This symbol is proof that it is a Club Equilibrium product. You will also find this symbol on their luxurious packaging.

They make use of this symbol as they believe in its astonishing power. According to them, the symbol of trident has the ability to enhance the power of their jewelry.

If you buy any jewelry from them, this is the first thing that will get your attention. The symbol is pretty unique as its brand.

What is a Trident?

The Trident symbol is a three-pronged spear that is placed on all Club Equilibrium products. This symbol is considered to be a part of classical mythology of many cultures. The symbol of the Trident also represents the power of Lord Shiva. In Hinduism, the trident is known as Trishula.

The three prongs of the Trident are known to represent the three Trinities. This include:

  • Three modes of time including past, present, and future
  • Three modes of power including will, action, and wisdom
  • Three types of human well-being including physical, spiritual and mental.

The Trident has always been used as the talisman of abundance, wealth and superpower. This symbol is very special to the brand. You can say that they use it as their brand logo. With the help of this symbol, the buyers are able to identify the brand and enhance the power of the stone bracelets they are getting from the company. You will find this symbol on all the products created by Club Equilibrium.


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