Tungsten rings are one of the best rings which you can ever have as compared to gold and white and other types of rings. If you are looking for a ring which doesn’t loses sheen easily, doesn’t bend or break and always remains intact, then your search should end with a tungsten ring. It is more affordable than gold. So, now you can go easily and buy the tungsten rings which are now being sold at very flexible rates. Plus, there is a fall sale which is going on which offers 25% off on the tungsten ring category. So, you can go online and search for your favorite type of custom rings or wedding bands or just plain tungsten bands etc. All are available and that too at a very affordable prices.

Tungsten ring comes with a special category of hardness. It is extremely hard in nature and also dense. It is combined with carbon and other forms of elements. There are tungsten carbide rings also which available in the market. The only small difference is that it turns into tungsten carbide which indexes between 8.9 and 9.1 on the hardness scale.

Features of Tungsten Rings –

Some of the best features of the Tungsten Rings are as follows –

  • No radiation, waterproof,
  • Can be used in sweat, extreme resistance to corrosion,
  • No Deformation&does not fade.

Tungsten jewelry will never fade or be worn out or lose any kind of sheen.  A combination comes which is of tungsten from tungsten and carbon alloy through a special process, which ahs the hardness near Diamond, almost no wear. Plus there will be no problem if you use the tungsten ring in the shower. Home water doesn’t contain any kind of chlorine, or ammonia or any kind of bleach. So, now you can take daily showers with your tungsten ring.


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