Earrings are not just a piece of jewelry anymore. They are a fashion accessory, an aid to amp up your style quotient and a statement piece to accentuate your look. Wear the right earrings and you will look like a fashionista while a pair that doesn’t go with either your dress or the event will turn your entire ensemble into a fashion disaster. Yes, that indeed is the superpower of a good pair of earrings. Keep some factors in mind when you open your jewelry box to choose your earring design while dressing up for any event.

  • Dress for the event

Every occasion or event warrants a specific kind of attire and accessories. If you are attending a formal or an official event you would not want to turn heads for all the wrong reasons as you enter the room sporting a fancy pair of chandelier earrings. Small studs or tiny drop earrings are what you need for such an occasion. Save the bling for a wedding or a New Year party.

  • Pick a pair that suits your face

We all have a different face cut and shape and not all of us can pull off hoop earrings or look like million bucks wearing jhumkas. Oval faces can get away with all kinds of earrings be it chandeliers, studs or danglers. If you have a round face then earrings in a geometric design or drop earrings will make your face look a little longer. Women with a square jawline can soften the look of their face with teardrop earrings, oval or round earrings like a chandbali or hoop earrings. Heart-shaped faces that taper towards the chin look great with jhumkas.

  • Wear your personality in your ears

If you love wearing feminine dresses, adopt the same style with your earrings. Don’t match a pastel floral dress for instance with funky boho earrings for girls or a pair of shorts with a traditional style of earrings. Not only will it be a fashion faux pas but it will also make you uncomfortable. The length, the design and the style of earrings must compliment your personality and not stand out in a jarring way.

  • Compliment your skin tone

Your skin tone matters in a big way when it comes to wearing colored earrings. Our skin tone generally falls under three broad categories, cool, warm and neutral. If your face has a warm skin tone then earrings in gold, copper, honey, coral, and even olive green will look beautiful on you. Cooler undertones of skin are accentuated by hues of silver, blue, turquoise, and violet. Jade green, scarlet and blue colors are for women with a neutral skin tone. The color in this case not only applies to the colored stones in your earrings but also the shade of the metal used.

  • Earrings that suit your hairdo

Where hairstyle can make or break your look, the wrong choice of earrings can dampen the look of your hairdo. To get a perfect overall look you must try and wear earrings that suit the hairstyle you have on a particular day. When you are letting your hair loose, danglers or studs will do the trick for you. If your hair is tied in a loose bun then you can choose to wear any kind of earrings you fancy for they will be completely visible and will not get lost in your hair. For a tight bun, you can wear traditional earrings like jhumkas or a chandbaali and pair them with an ear chain or a kanauti, which also works as a hair accessory.


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