Microblading is a type of architecture, creating the best shape, in terms of lips, brows for every face. It is one kind of semi-permanent cosmetic tattooing method that inserts pigment into the skin to create an aesthetic look. Full and neat eyebrows are all the rage and thanks to microblading device that effectively implant feather light strokes with a medicinal quality pigment on the upper layer of the skin, creating natural, realistic, and fine hair strokes.

The procedure

After numbing the surface with topical cream, professional will make tiny hair-like opening using a device with blade and needles to deposit small portion of pigment that penetrates the epidermis layer of the skin. Most females either have light eyebrows or wish to get brows trimmed in the hottest styles, but don’t have finances or enough time to keep updating their appearance constantly. Microblading, a small, precise blade used on the face may seem intimidating, but this treatment is more comfortable and effective than other surgeries.

Finding the right salon

Though microblading isn’t as big a commitment as permanent makeup or big surgery, it’s important to find the right salon or technician to get the desired result safely. It needs similar training as other cosmetic procedures and you need to find a salon that not only be approved by the state or nation health sector, but the professional having the microblading certification or to be a certified body art practitioner.

Preparation is the key

You should be aware of certain things before booking the appointment. Do not spray tan or wax before the treatment as it can irritate the skin, damaging the outcome badly.  It is suggested to skip exfoliating treatments, alpha hydroxy acid products, and blood thinning medicines for two weeks earlier to the treatment. Moreover, avoid consuming alcohol as it may interfere with the pigment and healing process. In case of massive discomfort or pain with needles, despite of applying numbing cream, you should alert your technician immediately.

Results vary

Though it offers quite natural, pretty, and dark eyebrows, you need to understand that the results vary from one person to another, depending on the skin type, pigment used, incision application and pressure. You might not see the dark brows the very next day; be patient, as minimum 2 consultations are mandatory. Though for some results last for 12 months, it’s suggested to have follow-ups every four to six months to maintain the look.

Consider salon microblading Kad Brows for rocking thick, statement-making eyebrows.


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