The modern innovations and advancements in medical and aesthetic treatments make it easier to firm lax skin without having to use the knife. Even though non-surgical skin tightening treatments might be a new phenomenon, it’s something that’s not been fully understood yet. However, before you go ahead with these treatment procedures, there are certain myths that need to be cleared.

Myth 1# Skin tightening treatments are concerned primarily about one area only

This is basically a misconception as there are certain areas where skin tightening treatments are frequently used as compared to others. But this isn’t limited to those particular areas only. However, generally, skin tightening treatment is commonly effective on one’s face, skin, chin and chest, neckline, arms, legs, buttocks, thighs, abdomen. But, there is one limitation that if there is any kind of infection, inflammation on your skin, then you might not be able to take treatment in that area. It is recommended to take advice from a certified dermatologist who can offer accurate guidance about your skin tightening treatment requirements.

Myth 2 # Treatment results are mostly temporary and very nominal

The effects of radiofrequency-based skin tightening treatment deliver noticeably natural-looking results. The outcome might not be immediate, but it will surely be cumulative and you will definitely see favorable results in a few months. However, maintenance sessions are equally important. The results also vary based on the ability of your skin to build collagen and elastin.

Myth 3 # Quick fixes are better than skin tightening treatments

Surgical options and fillers might offer immediate results as compared to non-surgical skin tightening treatments, but they take a lot of time and offer just the temporary results. In fact, fillers must be maintained on a regular basis in order to sustain and retain the appearance of a beautiful and firm skin as they usually don’t support the natural healing cycles of the skin and are mostly limited to areas such as neckline or cheeks. You must remember that declining skin firmness is the result of a gradual breakdown in skin cell renewal along with regular production of elastin and collagen. So skin tightening treatments may not give you overnight results, but having patience with it can definitely offer you optimal results naturally.

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