Over the past few decades, consumers especially stylists and fashionistas have become increasingly aware of the importance of sustainable fashion choices and negative impacts of impulsive buying on the environment. The more aware people are of their buying choices, the more likely they’re to switch their preferences from fast fashion to sustainable clothing and accessories.

To support sustainability, more than 150 brands signed the G7 Fashion Pact last year which basically is a fashion coalition designed to handle the negative environmental aspects of  specific practices within the fashion world. In addition to that, many sustainable fashion brands like NewWayBag – Manufacturer of Canvas Bags took an initiative of introducing high-quality and reusable fashion accessories to masses. 

So, no matter what your preferences are, make sure you keep an eye out for ethical fashion alternatives to stay sustainable and stylish.


  • Algae-Derived Fashion Accessories


Algae, as we all know are green slimy plants generally found in unclean water, acting as a breeding habitat for frogs and mosquitoes. Interestingly, some creative fashion brands have started to harness algae to make sustainable textiles. Since, algae is a living bacteria it can be grown to meet the needs of a textile industry. 

Apart from textile industries, several footwear companies have also introduced soles made up of algae foam. 


  • The Rising Trend of Cotton Totes


Unlike in the past, when fashion enthusiasts and stylists preferred high-end hand bags and totes made from animal skin or expensive leather, today people prefer to invest in eco-friendly and reusable substitutes. The rising trend of reusable and sustainable cotton totes are one of the biggest examples. Cotton totes are one of the most common types of bags made with natural fibers. These bags are easy to maintain, affordable and can be used for several years without any damage. Also, they’re lightweight and travel friendly.


  • Pineapple Leaves


Outfits made up of pineapple leave fibers became increasingly popular in recent times. To recall, pineapple silk was believed to be a status symbol in Philippines and Brazil before the era of cheap cotton. Taking into account present-day sustainable fashion needs, more and more brands have started to explore the amazing benefits of pineapple fibers in their fashion articles again.


  • Koba


Koba is yet another popular eco-friendly corn-derived material that is presently in use by a few sustainable brands dealing in faux fur coat industry. Since the trend of cruelty-free fashion is on the rise, the material is expected to dominate the current sustainable fashion industry.


  • The Rise of ‘Reduce, Reuse and Recycle’


Thrift clothing stores were once believed to be a style or fashion faux pas. Today, celebrities, politicians and popular fashion icons seem to be on the mission to revamp the trend of secondhand or preloved clothing. Also, people who’re looking to buy vintage clothing and accessories should visit their local thrift stores to see if they find something of value there. 

Also, there is no need to invest in complementing accessories for each outfit you own. Simply use your fashion sense and mix and match different accessories to create your dream look.

Last but not least, always put your damaged or worn-out stuff in textile recycling bins instead of throwing them altogether.

With constantly changing trends, fashion industry is an ever-evolving field. The interest in eco-friendly fashion choices has sky-rocketed in recent years. Today, almost all big brands are willing to take an initiative that could make this world a better place to live.

What other trends you think should be the part of this list? Share your feedback below as we would love to know about your preferences.


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